5 Tips for Managing Your Google My Business Posting

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Mallory Peek

Aug 31st4 min read
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Did you know you can manage how your business looks in Google searches and maps? With Google My Business you can control your business name, location, and hours to provide the most up-to-date information for your customers.


1. Google My Business: What is it?

The first tip for managing Google My Business is to understand what it is and how you can use it. Google My Business (GMB) is a free service from Google to help maintain the online presence for your business. To use GMB, you must create an account and claim your business. This will involve following the steps to verify your business and provide your business information. If you are just starting your business or your website, Google My Business website custom domains are a great option for purchasing your site domain.


2. Log Into Your GMB Account Often

One of the best Google My Business hacks is to log into your account frequently. This will give you the chance to check that your business information is always correct. With GMB, people can suggest an edit to your listing through Google, which could cause your information to change in a way you don’t want.


3. Add Photos to Your Listings

Photos are a crucial part of your GMB listings. If you are interested in Google My Business optimization for 2019, you need to add a cover photo and profile picture to your account. If you have a physical business location, like an office, retail store or restaurant, include several photos of your space. This will provide potential customers will a clear picture of your business.


Businesses with photos are regarded as more reputable than businesses that neglect to include photos on their listings. Use only JPG or PNG files and only use photos that show your business in the best lighting without the use of filters or photo editing. Make sure all images are relevant to your business and in a high-resolution format.


4. All Information Must Be Consistent

If you have a lot of listings within GMB, it may be best to employ the help of a Google My Business agency. These professionals can manage your listings and ensure the name, address and phone number for your business (often abbreviated as NAP) is consistent everywhere. If the information you share online differs, especially when it comes to NAP, your search rankings could decrease.


Also, providing consistent information helps your customers feel secure and builds trust. They are able to reach you easily and don’t run into multiple phone numbers or email addresses on the web. It is crucial to make the contact process as smooth as possible so people do not abandon their search.


5. Collect Google Reviews

This is another area where a Google My Business agency can help optimize your listings. Reviews are a key part of your listings because people are more likely to trust other customers when they are considering a purchase. An agency can help you collect reviews and display them properly on your GMB listings. They can also advise you on how to respond to negative reviews and improve the feedback you receive.

In Conclusion

If your business is not on Google My Business, you need to create an account as soon as possible. Chances are, your business is already showing up in search results. The only way to actively monitor your appearance in Google searches and maps is through a GMB account. Optimizing your Google My Business account will help increase your traffic and improve your search rankings, making GMB a valuable digital marketing tool that should not be ignored.


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