Are you having problems with your Dell D600 Dock since updating to macOS Catalina 10.15.4?

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Tyler Clay

May 2nd4 min read
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After updating macOS to Catalina 10.15.4 I found that my Dell D600 dock no longer wanted to push the 4 external monitors I use in my setup with my Macbook Pro. I found this issue to be very tedious to correct, so I decided to share my steps to resolution here just in case someone else is having this issue. Before you start this make sure you are on Catalina 10.15.4 or newer

How I solved this

  1. I downloaded an older version of the DisplayLink driver ONLY to uninstall the existing driver. Run the file and select the uninstall option
  2. Reboot your Mac :/
  3. Now we need to upgrade the firmware on the dock itself. You can thank Dell for only officially supporting windows :) Now they only have to write the executable to update the dock in windows! You will need a Windows PC for this step. Download the file, unplug everything from your dock except the USB connected to your windows PC and the power adapter
  4. Unplug the dock for 30 Mississippi’s! Seriously! Go drink some water or something. I rushed this and it didn’t work haha.
  5. Now you need to install the new beta driver from DisplayLink on your MacBook
  6. Restart your Mac
  7. Now I could write a whole other post on how enabling the security permission I am about to discuss may not be that smart but it is required for some odd reason. You must grant the Display Link user agent permission to record your screen in MacOS *facepalm*. It would be really nice if DisplayLink worked with Apple to make their devices work without needing such daunting permissions granted explicitly. Continue at your own risk
  8. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner and click “System Preferences”
  9. Click security and Privacy
  10. Select Screen Recording on the left side of the screen and enable screen recording privileges for “DisplayLinkUserDriver”… At this point you are really trusting that DisplayLink will not misuse this privilege :?
  11. Reboot your Mac with the dock unplugged and reboot while unplugged
  12. When it gets to the login screen reboot again and this time plug in the dock as soon as it restarts
  13. If everything has gone well all your monitors are working again. I tested this and got the dock to push 5 monitors simultaneously (including the internal)

In Conclusion

If anyone knows a workaround granting screen recording rights to DisplayLink please let me know. I am open to improvements in these steps if they would allow me to revoke the screen recording permission. Hopefully this have saved someone some time!


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