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Tyler Clay

Jul 3rd4 min read
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Small businesses know that they have to incorporate technology into their business process to compete effectively, but they don't want to deal with it.

We will do the dirty work for you! We are a small team of software programmers dedicated to finding ways to enhance your businesses workflow using technology. We know many technologies and will consult with your business and advise you on the correct technologies to implement. Once we discover the best technology solutions for your business, we implement them for you. After implementation we offer maintenance and implementation of new features.

The Problem with Small Businesses and Technology

Small businesses want to implement technology into their workflow but find it hard to find custom solutions tailored to their needs. A lot of software small businesses use are SAAS (Software as a Service). SAAS works well at doing a single task, but often cannot integrate easily with other SAAS the business has. As a result, many small businesses get stuck with a combination of software solutions that do not talk to each other. This creates inefficiencies in the business process and results in a poor customer experience.

Clickficks develops custom solutions with administrative dashboards to manage the business processes. Our websites can contain custom customer onboarding flows and be tailored to how you normally onboard customers. This allows you to keep the unique components of your business and still bring online experiences to your customer.

We offer FREE business consulting. During consultation we will explore your current business process and recommend ways that we can optimize your business flow using technology.

We can create completely custom websites and mobile apps!

Why Now?

In 2019 it is more important than ever to seek integrating technology into your business process. Those who avoid bringing technology will have a hard time competing with large businesses in the future, as all large businesses are using technology to streamline their business process and deliver the customer a better experience. ROI is high on custom software solutions, as the solutions often minimize the amount of workload the staff has to juggle. 

Modernize your business
Automate Repetitive Workflows
Qualify New Leads
Market to Potential Customers Automatically
Rank Higher on Google
Custom Software Development
Business IT Solutions Consulting
Administrative Dashboards

In Conclusion

Repetitive tasks in your business can be automated, which frees up your staff to concentrate on more important things like the customer!


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