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Benchmark Insurance Group of Texas is the leading risk management insurance brokerage for businesses of all sizes. They provide customers with the industries lowest premiums from top-rated insurance companies, first class service, and in-house claims consulting. They had been in business for several years when they reached out to us for help with their online presence. The mission was to drive more customer interaction with the website, and to collect more leads per month.

Benchmark Insurance Group of Texas reached out to us to redesign their existing website with a new interactive onboarding experience for their customers. The site sends leads to their agency management system, and the contacts are automatically tagged by industry and marketed to through the use of drip campaigns. A custom dashboard was developed to make management of the website feasible for non-technical users.


This design features a split call to action for customers looking for either personal or commercial insurance lines.


When the page first loads we attempt to pull the customer into our onboarding process via the split call to action.

Benchmark Broker Home Page Layout 1


When we designed this website we intended to provide a sleek UX that made it easier for users to focus on content. Our goal is to elegantly get the needed information from the customer for the agents at Benchmark to properly assist them.

Benchmark Broker Home Page Layout 2


The entire page flows and is visually appealing. We take pride in creating designs that are simplistic yet expressive.

Benchmark Broker Home Page Layout 3


A unique feature of the website we created for Benchmark was the ability for customers to submit change requests for their policies. We also created an administrative portal for the agents to manage these requests

Customer Portal for Benchmark Broker


A unique banner section was created for each industry that Benchmark offers services in. These industry pages are database driven so each of the pages are powered off the same design with seperate banner sections and customized content for the page.

Benchmark Broker Retail Landing Page


This is an example of another industry page. This page is tailored towards Benchmark's transportation industry customers. Information on the page is relevant to this industry.

Benchmark Broker Transportation Landing Page


This is the real estate variant of the instustry pages. Real estate is the main industry that Benchmark Insurance covers. Once the user decided to quote they are presented with a list of products within the industry.

Benchmark Broker Real Estate Landing Page


Here we redesigned and improved the sections that were present in version 1 of the site. The new design incorporates better stock images and use of colors.

Benchmark Broker Redesign Banner
Benchmark Broker Redesign Banner
Benchmark Broker Redesign Banner
Benchmark Broker Redesign Banner
Benchmark Broker Redesign Banner


Each concept was designed in various screen sizes, then built fully responsively to ensure compatibility across all devices.

Benchmark Broker Home Page Mobile 1
Benchmark Broker Home Page Mobile 2
Benchmark Broker Home Page Mobile 3

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