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Houston based firm that offers a design-centric approach to websites.

Clickficks Software and Marketing specializes in website development. We create solutions that make businesses more efficient and marketable. Our attention to detail and ability to create remarkable solutions is unparalled by our competition. We treat our creations as art and it reflects in our work.

our process



All great creations start with some forethought. During this step we perform market research and process your inspirations for the project. We then create a prospective design and share with the client for approval.



Content is the responsibility of the client. Clickficks is willing to provide content to website owners at an additional cost. During this step we gather all the content needed to support our designs for the site.



This is the fun part where we start to merge your content with your design and you are able to see your website come to life in real time. We publish at steady intervals so clients have the oppritunity to give feedback.



Once all development work is done we enter a rigerous testing phase where we test the application for support in various browsers and devices. Once everything is ready to go your website will be live on the internet!

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What makes us different

We are sure you have heard already but websites and mobile applications are the next big thing in business. Clickficks is a leading website development and marketing firm in Houston. We specialize in creating custom solutions that use a variety of technologies to enhance your business process. We take pride in creating custom software solutions to provide your customers a better experience. We are capable of creating responsive websites and mobile applications with access to massive databases and advanced functionality. We utilize a variety of tactics to keep development costs down while providing a truely custom product. If you have an idea for a website or mobile application Clickficks is here to help you create it and market it to customers once launched!


Why choose Clickficks



Free Consulting for Websites



Self Service Customer & Business Portals

Native English Creatives

Native English Creatives

Native English Consultants with Web Experience

The problem we see currently in the web development industry is that so many firms are pushing out generic template websites and do not consider marketing strategies during development. Additionally many of the web development firms that are available to small businesses are either too pricy, or have trouble understanding the needs of the business. Clickficks is here to bridge the gap! We offer free website and mobile application consulting and will employ a varierty of resources to get your website idea off the ground. We are a full service company that can solve all of your development, marketing, and branding needs. We pride ourselves on being a full service company that is able to take even the most inexperienced business into the new era of technology.

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